Tips for Showing Off Your Boudoir Portraits!


If you’re planning on displaying your boudoir photos in your home, but aren’t sure how to do it without making some of your guests uncomfortable, here are some tips for displaying those sexy pictures so that you can still enjoy the beautiful masterpiece that you are!

If you want to show off, go ahead!

As you’ve probably seen on social media, boudoir photographers often capture their clients in different poses—some are tame and some more risqué.

If you want to show your photos off to family and friends, go right ahead! But if you’re concerned about how others might react? Well, then, let’s get creative with where you hang those sexy pictures.

Cues from Pinterest!

If you’ve got an eye for design and love browsing through inspirational pins on Pinterest, then we have the solution for your dilemma. Here are some ideas.

  • Frame your images in smaller frames and place them on a bookshelf. The subtle statement pieces, alongside the other books and decor, will tone down the boudoir photos and help them blend in.
  • You can consider a piece of furniture, like this one on Wayfair, where you can slide (or open and close) the doors and simply close the side where your framed photos are before guests arrive.
  • Hide behind a piece of art or plants when people come over.

Let’s face it. You took some pretty badass photos, which deserved to be shown off!

But, many couples feel awkward displaying these photos in their homes where relatives and friends might see them.

Only display the less risque ones in more public areas

You’ll have to decide whether or not a guest will be offended by your boudoir photography. If you think they will be, only display the less risque images you selected, the more public areas. This way, they can still appreciate the photos while enjoying their time at your house.

Give guests something else to look at by hanging multiple pictures on one wall

Of course, you don’t want your guests to feel uncomfortable or awkward. To avoid this, display your boudoir photos in a way that gives them something else to look at as they enter the room. For example, you have multiple prints on one wall and a framed print of your first boudoir photo nearby. In that case, guests won’t necessarily notice the more risqué shot until they’re standing right next to it (and even then, their attention may be drawn elsewhere).

Another option is hanging black-and-white photographs or art prints in addition to your boudoir images. These can help divert attention away from your boudoir shots while allowing your guests to see some of the artwork that inspires you most.

Following these tips, you can put your boudoir photos on display without making anyone uncomfortable

Boudoir photography is a beautiful way to connect with your body. You will be able to experience yourself in ways you never have before, and it’s time for you to share that with the people you love most.

But we get it, being vulnerable can be a huge deal, and so we hope you find the perfect place in your home to display the artwork that is YOU, where you feel most comfortable and where your guests can most enjoy them…or not 😉


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