3 Ways to Upgrade Your Visual Branding in 2023


If you’re looking for a branding update, it’s time to look at your visual branding. Whether it’s an old logo or a website design that hasn’t been updated in years—these days, we expect our brands to keep up with the latest trends and innovations.

If your brand isn’t visually engaging or has outdated branding elements (like fonts or colors), you may find yourself falling behind in the eyes of your customers.

So how can you update your brand without spending thousands on redesigning everything from scratch? Here are three quick ways:

Do a color analysis of your brand

Color is a crucial element of your visual brand, and color analysis will help you choose the right colors for your brand.

  • What are the colors in your logo? Are they still relevant to what you’re offering today?
  • Do specific colors evoke strong emotions in people, like red or green? Could these be used in a way that would benefit your business?
  • How does the color scheme affect how people perceive it (e.g., black tie vs. rainbow themed)? Can you use this knowledge to build excitement about your next promotion and better engage with attendees before it begins?

Updating your Canva templates

If you’re a Canva user (and if not, why not?), it’s time to stop using the templates with the program and start creating custom ones. Instead of just picking from presets, consider what your brand looks like to create a more cohesive aesthetic.

  • Use your company’s colors: The color palette is one of the first things anyone will notice about your brand on social media or in person. Make sure to use it consistently across all platforms!
  • Use fonts that match those used in official branding materials: This is especially important if your business has just launched a new logo or rebranded because people will notice when something doesn’t look right. And they’ll be able to tell whether or not it’s an imitation by how well it matches up with existing visuals.
  • Include imagery that reflects what you do: If you’re a bakery, include food photography; if you run an event planning company, show off photos from past events or find inspirational images to show off what can be accomplished!

Create a new signature look for your photoshoots

It’s essential to have a signature look to your images. A consistent style will help create an aesthetic that people recognize and associate with your brand.

Here are some things to consider when working on setting up your signature look:

  • Colors and props
  • Lighting
  • Background

A branding and lifestyle photoshoot brings your brand’s best visual aspects into beautiful imagery customized just for you.

I have worked with some of the most incredible people and businesses to help create stunning imagery for their brands, which has helped them catapult their visual branding to new levels! Take a look at my course, Brand like a CEO, and learn how you can do the same!


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