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Short Bio

Ann is an award-winning master photographer with over 20 years in the photography industry. She has photographed public figures and influencers and has been featured in magazines and numerous podcasts. Ann is a mentor, educator and part of the largest online education for photographers “The Portrait Masters”.


She specializes in Branding, Boudoir, and Fine Art Portraits, her passion, and drive is to bring out the best version of each of her clients to elevate their business and also their self-esteem through her transformational lens.

Long Bio

Ann Landstrom is a photographer and studio owner with over 20 years in the photography industry. She went from an abusive marriage and as a struggling homeless mother to a successful entrepreneur and an award-winning master photographer. 2021 she was voted the best photographer by The Los Angeles Tribune.


She has photographed public figures and influencers and has been featured in magazines, numerous podcasts, and The Huffington Post. She is part of the support team on the largest photography education platform and has been featured on the platform numerous times and she mentors aspiring photography students.


Ann specializes in Branding, Boudoir and Fine Art Portraits, Her expertise is to help her clients stand out in their marketing and social media online with images that represent the best version of themselves, business and their message to attract their perfect client.


From her own life of being a single mother and broken down from her life experiences Ann’s road of recovery has brought her passion and purpose to empower women with her boudoir photography that have lost their self-esteem or feminine essence and to bring back the self love everyone deserves, to show them their inner shine and essence they might have forgotten about or never seen in themselves before through her transformational lens.


Ann loves helping her community and especially giving back to nonprofits like “Leap To Success” that helps women from domestic abuse get back on their feet and out to the workforce. Ann donates her time and photographs all the graduate’s headshots for their resumes and has donated full sessions to empower women’s self-esteem back.


Ann is originally from Sweden and now lives in San Diego, California with her 3 sons.
In Ann’s Studio, we have banned the word “photogenic” and replaced it with “SOULGENIC” since love has no face.

Elevator Pitch

Represent yourself and your brand with the best image you have ever seen of yourself and attract your perfect client, fall in love with the image looking back at you from my lens


With Ann Photography, you will have magazine quality images of the best version of yourself representing you and your business. You will have legacy portraits to leave behind for your children and grandchildren since you can’t frame your phone.


You only get ONE first impression.

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