From The Boardroom To The Bedroom

Live studio Masterclass

for photographers in San Diego

Hands On Branding & Boudoir

Masterclass October 20 & 21st

Are you ready to make more money in your photography business?

Learning how to shoot boudoir, branding or both on your goal list?

Are you struggling to achieve the results you want?

Do you want to learn hands on how to photograph all ages and bodies with gorgeous indoor natural lighting and with strobes.

Have you tried endless tutorials but just want something more hands on?

With over 20 years in the photography industry, thousands & thousands of dollars invested in myself on my education and business, I am now an award winning master photographer and mentor in the biggest online education for photographers “The Portrait System”. My client list include international top entrepreneurs and public figures.

This class is perfect for those who are ready to step up and

This class is NOT for photographers that doesn’t want to level up and make more money.

It’s not for photographers that are not willing to invest in themselves, put in the effort and time to learn and get to the next level.

This class is perfect for those who are ready to step up and start booking boudoir and branding clients and grow their business.

By the end of these intimate classes you will walk away with the knowledge and confidence of networking, marketing, client communication, using different lighting setups in your own studio or home studio space and have a portfolio and confidence to start booking clients. To be able to mentor on a personal level there is only 5 spots available.

What we will cover:

  • Networking
  • Client consultation & wardrobe
  • Pricing
  • Modifiers
  • Gear and grip essentials
  • Working with any light source
  • Different lighting setups
  • Working in small spaces
  • Backgrounds
  • Posing, direction and connection
  • Hands on learning and shooting

What’s provided:

  • Lighting equipment (Profoto)
  • Triggers
  • Lunch, snacks and beverages


You will need to bring:

  • Camera
  • Lenses
  • Batteries
  • Memory Cards
  • Notepad and Pen/Laptop or Ipad

Save time and money and learn from someone that already made all the mistakes for you and learned from the best in the photography and business coaching industry.