Branding and Its Importance for Your Business


What really is branding and how is it important for your business?

In the past, what people mostly associated branding with is visual aesthetics like brand palette, logo, and design.

However, in recent years, branding has become more than just these aspects.

Branding helps business owners and entrepreneurs have patterns of familiarity, meaning, and connection in the minds of their target audience.

Let’s discuss the importance of branding in the next section.

Branding Helps Your Business to be Your Target Market’s Top of the Mind

Good branding helps you to be the premium choice of your current and potential clients.

They won’t pick you as their second or last choice. Some people buy a product or service because they have solid support for brands they have known or recommended by friends.

It follows that you should have a credible offer.

But without branding, your target market won’t even reach this point of knowing more about your offer and your other advantages over your competitors. Be at the top of the mind of your target market thanks to your branding.

*Sample branding from my client Johanna Silva

Branding Establishes Trust

With branding, there’s a strong recall associated with the target market’s wants, needs, and preferences.

They might be presented with other offers from competitors but they won’t simply change their mind because they already trusted certain businesses with their branding.

They feel the core values these businesses uphold as these are reflected in their branding. That’s why it’s important as well to be transparent about what the businesses believe in or against.

They want to be a part of that movement. They trust businesses with whom they relate with.

Branding Boosts Word of Mouth Advertising

Do you remember times you tried a new brand because your friend or family member recommended it to you? That’s another importance of good branding. It helps in boosting word-of-mouth advertising which is a good indicator for any business. You’ll get organic support from new clients.

It is highly unlikely too that there’ll be resistance because people tend to choose what was recommended to them if it’s from those they trust. Aim to have that branding that naturally draws organic support from word-of-mouth advertising. It will definitely help your business to grow and thrive.

The importance of branding isn’t limited to these three aspects but these can serve as reminders of why you have to work hard and plan strategically with the kind of branding you want for your business.

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