5 Types of Branding Photos Essential for Every Entrepreneur


Don’t miss out on using these branding photos for your marketing collaterals

Branding photos are not simply for aesthetics. It helps in having a strong recall and establishing a deeper connection to the audience.

As an entrepreneur and business owner, you need to find ways on how you’ll establish trust with them, your audience.

Showing more of your facets in your branding photos will help. And as usual, here are 5 types of branding photos every entrepreneur must-have.

Professional Headshots

These are important to have for your social media handles, website, email signature, and other promotional materials.

Remember, you will use it so many times so you must be confident about your headshots. For as long as you are decent and professional, you may choose to have it taken in a studio background or other places you’re comfortable with.

You can have a variety of headshots taken such as focusing on your pleasant face, full-body, and half-body.

Just make sure to have a mix of horizontal headshots in the set to allow open space for marketing text inputs for your branding and social media needs.

*Lisa Nichols

Lifestyle Headshots

Once you have professional headshots, go for taking your photos with lifestyle headshots.

These are more casual shots and where you may show a glimpse of your personality to your audience. You can choose to be candid during these shots but make sure to have these photos taken by a professional.

What’s good about having lifestyle headshots is you can use them in your social media postings. Connect with like-minded people in your network. You may add a personal touch in doing these shots such as including your family or your favorite pet.

HOT TIP: Just be in your natural element for your lifestyle headshots. This will help your audience see that you are a real person and not just a business.

Tools of the Trade

What do you use in your business?

If you’re a service-based entrepreneur like me, show off your cameras and other types of equipment to let your audience know how dedicated you are to your craft.

If you’re on the e-commerce side selling products, present some photos of how you pack your products for your buyers. It’s like you’re bringing your audience to behind the scenes of your business.

TIP: People love videos for behind the scenes! Keep it natural and short.

This is also good for networking because those who are in the same industry might want to learn directly from you. Showing your tools of the trade photos may open up your potential mentorship instead of having them as competitors.


Your workplace is like your second home, or it may even be your home!

You can show everyone what your second home looks like. It also encourages your audience to find out more about you. It may be as simple as just showing your desk and working station. Other entrepreneurs might take some shots outside of their homes to showcase more of their workplaces.

This also builds credibility because your audience will see that you are confident of presenting your workplace instead of just bluffing or hyping up your profession.

Choose to be creative as well in presenting your workplace for professional shots.

Source of Inspiration

This is an optional choice rather than a requirement.

You may share to your audience what inspires you for the day, such as a quote, an artwork, a touching human interaction caught on camera. This will help you show more of your values and what you believe in because your source of inspiration will speak well for your personality.

If your audience understands the values you stand for, you will attract like-minded people to your brand. Show them what inspires you through these powerful photos. They will surely love to rally their support behind an entrepreneur that has the same values as them.

Overall, these branding photos will definitely help in communicating your message to your target audience. Don’t forget to always embrace your authentic self whenever posing for the camera!


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