LOVE doesn’t count chromosomes


One of my favorite portrait sessions last year was with Karen and her daughter Kristina. Kristina is 38 years old and has down syndrome. Karen came to me so I could create a cover for her upcoming book that she has written about raising her kids alone and her life with down syndrome in the family. I have so much respect for this woman and the unconditional love between her and her daughter. Once Karen’s book is out, please support her and pick up a copy. “When down looks up” with Karen E. Donahue

This is what Karen had to say about her portrait session with her daughter in my studio.

I met Ann at a Lisa Nichols event where Ann was one of the main photographers. I was deeply touched by her personal story which she bravely shared with an audience of strangers like me at this seminar. 

I didn’t really think I would work with her in her studio as I am camera shy, thinking of all the reasons why I think I am not photogenic or “pretty”. My real reason for calling Ann was so that she could take a digital, photographic history of me and my daughter Kristina who was born with Down Syndrome. Ann said yes and we made an appointment where Ann set to work making Kristina and I feel welcomed and safe!

I was unsure how Kristina would respond with getting made up and getting into the various poses in order to to get the best shots,  but Ann was so very patient and kind to my daughter and because of her compassionate professionalism…we now have great photos. These pictures are so good, I see just how precious my daughter is through Ann’s lens! These pictures bring a prideful tear to my eye in a good way! I am so happy I met Ann, but better yet, I am happy  I said yes to Anns marvelous work! The photos she took of my daughter and I will be forever etched in many people’s minds besides mine. Ann captured and brought out in these pictures, the love and innocence I didn’t realize looked so evident and present. I am forever grateful! 

Ann Photography Rocks!!!


Karen E Donahue

Love Doesn’t Count Chromosomes


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