Don't Leave Your Pet out of Next Year's Photos!


Family photos are not just about capturing faces; they’re about capturing the heart and soul of your unique story. And what better way to do that than by including your furry friends in the frame? When you book your family photoshoot with Studio Ageless by Ann Photography, get ready for a pet-filled adventure that will turn your memories into masterpieces!

The Candid Chaos Collage

We know that the magic lies in the unscripted, candid moments. Allow your pets to be themselves. We skillfully capture the chaos that makes your family uniquely yours. Whether it’s your cat chasing its tail or your dog doing the zoomies, these candid shots will be a treasure trove of laughter and genuine love.

Tip: Bring your pet’s favorite toy or treat to keep their attention

The Paws-on-Shoulders Pose

Elevate your family portraits by incorporating a classic yet adorable pose – the Paws-on-Shoulders. Our studio can create heartwarming compositions showcasing the bond between your family and your pets. Imagine the family gathered with pets perched on shoulders or in arms, creating a scene that radiates love and connection.

Tip: Coordinate colors and accessories with your pets to create a visually appealing and cohesive look.

Fur-Fabulous Family Framing

We’re all about framing the love, and what better way to do it than by literally framing your family with your pets with one of our luxury wall art products? Picture this: a beautifully composed shot with your family at the center, surrounded by the fluffiness of your pets to encapsulate the warmth and togetherness of your unique family.

Tip: We can choose a scenic location or a beautiful background that complements your family’s style and your pets’ personalities.

Wrangle the Pets, Let the Fun Flow!

So, when you book your next family photoshoot with Studio Ageless by Ann Photography, remember to bring your pets along for the journey. Let my team capture the moments that make your family story truly yours – from the goofy to the heartwarming, the chaotic to the loving. With Studio Ageless by Ann Photography, your family album is about to get a whole lot furrier and a whole lot more fabulous! 


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