Beautiful From The Inside


As a photographer we don’t get in front of the lens very often. It is so important to accept yourself image. We beat ourselves up looking in the mirror and the negative self talk is having a huge pity party picking your image apart that is staring back at you in the mirror or in your photograph. I had after a very traumatic divorce lost myself love and my confidence to be enough. My mentor Sue Bryce taught me an experience that changed how I looked and judged myself. I had totake a selfie once a day for a year and say something nice about myself. First it was very difficult to accept that selfie and it could take me 40 to accept one then saying something nice about me was even a harder task. As the weeks progressed it got easier. Now maybe I took 10 selfies to finally get one that I excepted. Eventually it got easier and easier to accept the image I looked at. Somedays it was hard to say something nice so I just said I like my eye color but I forced myself to say something nice. Eventually I got down to one selfie take and had no issues saying something nice to myself. I had started to accept who I am right now not who I wanted to be and started to love myself again. I can’t tell you what a great feeling it is when you can accept who you are right now. Do I look in the mirror and criticize myself still, sure I do but I get over it a lot faster. I tell the pity party voice to take a hike and I move on.
There is nothing like not being photogenic, we are each one of a kind and unique in our own way. Beauty starts with accepting and loving yourself. I see a lot of clients that struggle with acceptance and I tell them to start a group or do this exercise yourself and watch how your self love and confidence will build up and you will stop eventually to beat yourself up so much. As a photographer I love to capture your true essence and show you how unique and beautiful you are through my lens. That is my passion in life. Photo by my friend Kitti McMeel


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